Operation Christmas Child

Would you like to do something you’ll never forget this Christmas? Consider filling a shoe box with small gifts and school supplies for a needy child. Knowing you’ve helped to change a life will make Christmas feel extra special this year.

Muir Lake School, in collaboration with Muir Lake Alliance Church, will be collecting fun-filled shoe boxes again in November to donate to Operation Christmas Child.

Shoe boxes will be available from the school office soon.

Watch this space for more information.


First Ever Imagination Foundation Project a Huge success!

Grade 8 Science class is putting creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and fun back in the class through project based learning.

Students’ creative endeavours where guided by Driving Questions that ranged from “How will  the harmful effects of GMOs impact human life in the future?”, “How does the horse’s digestive system work to provide energy for them to run at high speeds?”, “How can we use the advantages of the hovercraft technologies to our advantage to evolve modern day travel?” to “How does the thickness of the paint effect the outcome of the painting?” and “Is it possible to make a speaker which the base is amplified out of common household items?”.

Students proudly showcased their work to a panel of specialist.

Stay tuned for more innovative ideas from our creative Science team.  You just might be the first to view that new million dollar product or future Nobel prize winner!