Resiliency Project Family Wellness Survey

Parkland School Division (PSD) believes that the health and wellness of staff, students and families is important to the development of the whole child. We also recognize that student wellness is a complex issue and needs to be supported and promoted by their families and therefore our Parkland School Division Resiliency Project would like to extend an invitation to parents and families to become actively involved. In order for the Division to provide meaningful resources and supports, your input is important. A short survey has been posted to the Muir Lake School website and is also available by clicking HERE. Please answer the survey questions to help us learn how Parkland School Division can support the health and wellness of our students and their families.

Your support and input is needed and will be greatly appreciated. The survey closes October 31, 2013. Responses will be tallied and published on the PSD website under the Resiliency Project link early in November.

Emilie Keane, Associate Superintendent,
Parkland School Division No. 70