Innovation Week Day 2 Complete!

Muir Lake has definitely been busy the last couple of days as over 130 of our students from grade 6-9 have been participating in Innovation week. Our student participants are working on their projects alongside other students who are working on projects of the same category. As I have wandered around and visited the different rooms (Technology & Research, Foods & Culinary, Science & Design, Construction & Mechanics, Art & Design), I am blown away by the students idea, creativity, and innovation. Every room I walk into is a room of engaged and excited students, passionately working on their projects. There are too many great projects to list here but some examples of these projects are hovercraft, protective vest for hunting dogs, bike generator, bullying awareness, social media Chrome app, website design, duct tape hammock, creating products out of recycling, scooter sled, snow bike, half pipe, fashion design, toothbrush invention that includes the toothpaste as part of the toothbrush and many more. Even as I write about this I am struck by the diversity of our students’ passions and talents.

We are really enjoying innovation week.  We believe it is inspiring to us and other students.  It gives us a chance to take time and think, and explore!  We hope we get the chance to do it again, later in the school year.  We have great enthusiasm.  We already have planned what we will innovate next innovation week!!  This is a great learning opportunity and experience! – Kamira & Hannah 

Each day, our students are reflecting on their learning. This is done in a number of ways. Some of them are having conversations with other students in our school, others are writing about it and everybody at least once this week is doing a video reflection in our “Speaker’s Corner”. In hearing the students reflect on their projects and their experience thus far, it is cool to hear them talk about their learning, challenges, and how they have solved problems thus far. Some of our students are even participating in a Google Hangout with students who are doing similar projects at Greystone Centennial Middle School who is also running their own Innovation Week at the same time. Below is one example of this conversation.

You can view all of the Google Hangouts that have been done so far here.

I am definitely looking forward to our Innovation Fair Showcase event this Friday. The Innovation Fair is the students’ opportunity to showcase what they have been working on. It is taking place from 9:25-11:25 in the gym and we are hoping that parents and community members will be able to stop by for a few minutes to wander around the gym, check out the students’ projects and talk to them about their learning. We hope to see you there!

To view more photos of the students in action please click this link.

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2 thoughts on “Innovation Week Day 2 Complete!

  1. Sounds like an exciting week of learning, Travis. I was thoroughly engaged by the conversation of the boys in the Google Hangout that you posted. Great to see how invested they are in their project, and how willing and able they were to support each other; I learned a lot about catapults just by listening to them. During my visit on Friday, I’ll definitely check in on them to see if they were able to solve their momentum problem.

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