Grade 9 Farewell

Thank you for all the baby photos that we have received so far. If you haven’t done so already please choose the best baby picture of your Grade 9 student, scan it and send it to Your picture will form part of  a presentation in June for the Grade 9 Farewell.

Photos can always be scanned at Staples if you are struggling to access a scanner. The deadline for photo submission is 28th March.

Thank you for helping us make this a really great evening for the Grade 9 students.

Canada helps Afghanistan …

Canada has played a role in helping Afghanistan in a variety of ways including helping feed people living in poverty, improving the health care system, working to improve the lives of women and children in Afghanistan and helping build a strong education system.

march 12 039

Today, March 12,  we celebrate the end of the Canadian mission in Afghanistan and recognize the sacrifice that so many Canadians have made. Today is a significant day for Canada and Alberta.


Today we pause and say THANK YOU … by wearing RED … and participating in a flag raising ceremony.

march 12 040

march 12 079

Local Teen Author Visit

Dragons WhispererLocal teen author Cecilia Lietz will be at Muir Lake School promoting her book “A Dragon’s Whisperer” on Friday March 21st.  She will be visiting some of the classes & will also be available at lunch time outside the Library for a “Meet & Greet”. Books will also be available for purchase for $22 each.

The story is about a fifteen year old girl named Connie Whitsburg, she lives in this vast ravine and has never had the chance to escape its hold. She lives there along with other characters in a place called Small Valley. Connie’s one wish is to leave the ravine and her wish is granted one day by an old man with no shoes. His name is Devonburg and he is the person that gives Connie a dragon’s egg, making her a dragon’s whisperer. Now the real adventure begins after the egg hatches. Connie names her dragon Nightly and together they must conquer their fears, figure out how to exist in both the Human World and the Mystic Realm while defending themselves against menacing mages and still learn the ways to become a dragon’s whisperer.

The story has adventure, excitement, romance, tragedy, action and mystery. Every class I talk to enjoys it. When I talk to the kids I also give them insight on how I write, why I write, what it did for me and I play a game with them to help them see what an author does when they brain storm ideas for novels.
                                      . . . . .  Cecilia Lietz