STUDENT ADVISORY in Parkland School Division

Muir Lake School is privileged to have two student advisors representing our school this year: Ethan Maze (Grade 8) and Megan Smith (Grade 9). These students exemplify the 7 Habits and are role models and leaders in our school. Thank you so much Ethan and Megan for your valuable contributions!

Let’s hear from Ethan and Megan …

JAN FEB 2014 053

During the course of our February student advisory meeting we discussed student success in the classroom and why students may be struggling. First of all what is student advisory? Student Advisory is where two or three students from all over Parkland School Division in grade eight and nine come together and discuss with the trustees and superintendents issues concerning schools and students today. When we discussed student success some of the factors that came up were the teacher, the subject, and the personal problems in the home. Some of the keys to student success are having an interesting subject, being open to learning a new subject and having the confidence to participate in class. … (Ethan)

My name is Megan Smith and I am talking to you about March student advisory. It is a meeting that I was recommended to attend and I am glad to say that I am enjoying it very much. In our latest session we were talking about school health. We had a group discussion for what other schools are doing to help keep their schools healthy. … We were then temporary health detectives to find a way to improve our school. A few of the ways that were recommended was for the students to be more involved in the school, like doing announcements and assemblies. Our school is already into that but I think we can do even more. We can have the students help the younger grades to strengthen the bond between the schools kids.  The reason we go to this meeting, the students, is because no one knows a student like a student. I am at the advisory to give a voice to my school and the students in it.  (Megan)