Are you ready to BBQ?

CalahooMeatsWith May long weekend just around the corner, now is a good time to plan your barbeque season! It’s also time for the Calahoo Meats fundraiser!

The Muir Lake School Student Tech Team has taken on the Calahoo Meat Fundraiser in hopes of raising enough money to bring in some much needed Audio/Video equipment for the school. The student tech team is involved in setting up all of the audio and video equipment for assemblies and concerts, as well as helping other students and staff with tech issues.

An order form is available by clicking HERE or go to and the product brochure that you can share with your family and friends is available HERE or by going to condense your family & friends’ orders on to one order form. Should you need extra order forms, they are also available at the Muir Lake School office. Order forms and payments are due back to Muir Lake School by Wednesday, April 23rd with cheques made payable to Parkland School Division No 70 (PSD #70). Late orders cannot be accepted as this delays the pick up date.

A pick up date has been set for the afternoon of Friday, May 9th at the Muir Lake School. You are responsible to pick up your total order from the school and distribute to your family and friends. It is important to pick up your orders at this time as we do not have the freezer space to store the boxes for any length of time. Should you have any questions about this fundraiser please contact Myrna Sayers @ 780-963-0330. Thank you in advance for supporting Muir Lake School and helping to make this fundraiser a success!

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