We LOVE Music @ MLS

Don’t you just LOVE five year olds! They are so excited, enthusiastic and engaged in their learning. I was privileged to hang out with our Kindergarten students this morning during their Music class. It was their first experience with xylophones … WOW!!

ECS photo

This afternoon … Speed Control ROCKED the house with their Rags to Rock Showcase, which demonstrated the evolution of rock music from 1898 to the present. A fun-filled school-wide concert – YEH!

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Vancouver Sun Fun Run Update

The weekend is almost here and it is almost time for for more than 200 PSD students and staff members from 11 schools to hit the streets running in Vancouver.  They will literally be “running” or in some cases maybe “walking/jogging” as they participate in the Vancouver Sun 10 km Fun Run. Muir Lake School has 15 students being accompanied by Mr. Mackay and Mrs. Garley from Friday April 25th through to Monday April 28th. Updated copies of the itinerary and general information has gone home with the participants today and it is also available by clicking HERE. Be sure to check it out. Let’s go Mustangs!!

Kindergarten Open House

Muir Lake School was a buzz of activity last night! We were delighted to welcome Kindergarten students and parents. Students had fun with blocks, playdough, lego, puzzles, books etc.



Thank you to Mrs. Bursey and Mrs. Brownlee for hosting our evening. Thank you to Fallon and Kaylee for being such AMAZING helpers and tour guides!

We look forward to welcoming new students and families to Muir Lake School! We are excited to be partnering with you in your child’s education!

We would appreciate receiving your registrations as soon as possible. Thank you!


-May 28th, 2014-

According to the United Nations World Food Programme, one in six people in the world don’t get enough food to be healthy. Shockingly, every six seconds a child dies from hunger and its related causes. You were probably lucky enough to have had enough to eat today, but many children have not eaten today (maybe not even for several days). In keeping with the spirit of global citizenship, students at Muir Lake School will have the opportunity to participate in a hunger lunch. This experience will not only instill a sense of empathy and compassion, but will also provide the opportunity for us to come together as a school community to extend a hand to those in need!

Students will pay $2.00 for a bowl of rice. The $2.00 will cover the cost of the rice; the remainder of the funds will be donated to Free the Children. A letter will be sent home for you to fill out a form to indicate that you would like your child to participate. Your selection of the “Hunger Lunch” will be your indication of permission for your child to participate.

Prior to the “Hunger Lunch” all students will join together with their Family Grouping to learn more about world hunger. As a result of the Family Grouping activity, students will have a clearer understanding of world hunger and will realize the significance of the bowl of rice they will be eating.

The Hunger Project


Muir Lake Staff

Technology & Leadership

On Monday, Parkland School Division hosted the CASS (Council of Alberta School Superintendents) Professional Learning Day – Engaging and Inspiring Leaders and Learners. There were various workshops throughout the day on Technology and Innovation, facilitated by PSD staff.
Travis McNaughton facilitated a workshop on BYOD in the Middle Years. It was an opportunity for us to celebrate and highlight some of the amazing learning opportunities that our students are experiencing in our classrooms. Thank you staff and parents for your dedication and commitment to transforming learning for our students.

In the afternoon, there were opportunities to hear from PSD 70 students from various schools in Parkland on how technology is transforming their learning.

We were privileged to bring representatives from our Student Tech Team (Patryk, Bradley, Joey, Matthew and Colton) to share their experiences. THANK YOU gentlemen for sharing your passion and commitment to integrating Technology and Leadership in our school … Creativity, Innovation and Leadership … are all skills you use each day to do your job … and you do it with excellence!! Thank you!


Calahoo Meats

Orders due Wednesday April 23rd!

CalahooMeatsWith May long weekend just around the corner, now is a good time to plan your barbeque season! It’s also time for the Calahoo Meats fundraiser! Info packages have gone home with the students before Spring Break but an order form is available by clicking HERE or go to http://bit.ly/CalahooMeatsOrder.  The product brochure that you can share with your family and friends is available HERE or by going to http://bit.ly/CalahooMeatsBrochure. Please condense your family & friends’ orders on to one order form. Should you need extra order forms, they are also available at the Muir Lake School office. Order forms and payments are due back to Muir Lake School by Wednesday, April 23rd with cheques made payable to Parkland School Division No 70 (PSD #70). Late orders cannot be accepted as this delays the pick up date.

A pick up date has been set for the afternoon of Friday, May 9th at the Muir Lake School. You are responsible to pick up your total order from the school and distribute to your family and friends. It is important to pick up your orders at this time as we do not have the freezer space to store the boxes for any length of time. Should you have any questions about this fundraiser please contact Myrna Sayers @ 780-963-0330. Thank you in advance for supporting Muir Lake School and helping to make this fundraiser a success!

Synergy Activity


April is Synergy(Habit #6) month. The guiding principles for Habit #6 include;
*I get along will with other people and work well in groups
*I value the strengths of others and learn from them
*By working together as a team we can get more done
*I seek out other people’s ideas to solve problems

On April 24, students from every grade will gather in their multi-grade groupings (Family Groups) to participate in a Synergy activity. Each student will have a tube cut lengthwise which they will join with others to create a track that will run throughout the whole school. We will then run marbles along this long track that we have “built”.

If you have tubes from wrapping paper or paper towel, please save and send to Mrs. Matsuba or Mrs. Montgomery.