Innovation Week…Round 2!

Back in December, we decided to try out Innovation Week at Muir Lake School.  Throughout the week, we saw some incredible things happen!  We saw students take control of their learning.  We saw them explore their passions and interests.  We saw them work through problems and think critically and we saw them share their learning with the rest of the school and community.

This week, the students from grades 6-9 were given an introduction to our new theme – “Entrepreneurial Spirit” (one of the key qualities outlined in Alberta Education’s Framework for Student Learning).  Although they might have had some background knowledge of the term, students were given an opportunity through the following presentation to see entrepreneurial spirit as:

“…a process that results in CREATIVITY, INNOVATION and GROWTH. Innovative entrepreneurs come in all shapes and forms; its benefits are not limited to startups, innovative ventures and new jobs. Entrepreneurship refers to an individual’s ability to TURN IDEAS INTO ACTION…”  

-Yong Zhao


Again, this opportunity is voluntary for students. We are making this voluntary because Innovation Week is an amazing opportunity for students to make choices about their learning which empowers and engages them in exploring their own passions and interests.   Although participation is by choice, we truly believe in the great value and unbelievable learning that a project like this offers to all students, and greatly encourage participation in it. Students who choose not to submit a proposal for Innovation Week will be participating in teacher directed learning for the week.

Innovation Week Timeline

June 6 – Student Proposals are due (includes Proposal and Form)

June 13 – Proposals approved

June 24 – Day 1 – Work on projects in assigned rooms

June 25 – Day 2 – Work on projects in assigned rooms

June 26 – Day 3 – Work on presentations in assigned rooms, set-up gym for showcase

June 27 – Showcase – open to public 9:55am-11:25am

Please plan to join us on June 27 for the showcase and thank-you so much for your support of Muir Lake’s Innovation Week.