Operation Christmas Child

Tomorrow (November 7th) is the last shoebox collection day. Mrs. Montgomery’s class is doing an amazing job with 29 boxes. Mrs. L’Heureux is doing really well too. If you have filled boxes at home, please send them to school with your child tomorrow. We have about 100 boxes already and hope to have even more after our final count tomorrow evening.

Thank you so much everybody for your generosity and be proud in the knowledge that Muir Lake has made Christmas very special for a lot of needy children AGAIN this year.


Meet our School Council!


Date: November 5, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians:

My name is Josie Person and I will be your School Council Chair for the 2014-15 school year.  As a parent volunteer with three children currently enrolled at Muir Lake School I have had the privilege to meet and work with many of our wonderful students and teaching staff.  Along with me there are a number of other parents sitting on council this year.

Vice Chair:          Nicole Simcoe

Secretary:            Tara Filliol

Grade Representatives:

Kindergarten:     Tara Filliol

Grade 1:              Sarena Klak

Grade 2:              Teresa Sokalski

Grade 3:              Carrie McGibbon

Grade 4:              Dana Page

Grade 5:              Jennifer Buchan

Grade 6:              Daniel Person

Grade 7:              Lynn Lauf

Grade 8:              Fiona Majeau

Grade 9:              Tracy Gerrard

Fundraising Coordinator:  Daniel Person

The Muir Lake School Council’s main goal is to represent you!  Our role as a committee is to bring forward the questions, concerns, ideas and accolades that we as parents have so they can be discussed at our meetings.  Thus, we need to hear from you — the parents.  Our committee feels that we need better communication between parents and the school so a number of Parent Council initiatives will have that directive.  There will be an email via the School website that will offer you a point of contact to suggest agenda items.  We’ll also be posting our meeting agenda’s and minutes on the school’s blog and website so if you can’t make a meeting you can review the topics we’re discussing.

We try to keep all meetings to one hour so they are productive and enjoyable.

I invite all of our parents to join us at a School Council meeting and help us create and maintain a safe and fun environment that empowers our children to be leaders within our community.


Josie Person
Chair, Muir Lake School Council

November School Council Agenda