Congratulations Mrs. Stride-Goudie

It is with very mixed emotions that we report that Mrs. Stride-Goudie will be leaving Muir Lake School. However, we are VERY excited to announce that the new school in Spruce Grove will have an amazing first principal.

Construction of the new Kindergarten to Grade 9 school in the Prescott subdivision in Spruce Grove is about to shift into high gear. Extensive planning, hiring and logistical decisions continue and will now require the leadership from its first principal.  Karen Stride-Goudie will be tasked with bringing to life the vision for the new school as an exemplar of a student-centered, innovative, digital learning center that will continually create authentic opportunities for all learners to succeed.  You can read the full announcement on the PSD70 Website.

KSGHardHat“The opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with our dynamic Senior Executive Team to create and design a learning space for our new school in Spruce Grove is exciting, engaging and inspiring. It has been a privilege to serve the students, staff and parents at Muir Lake School for the past four years. This leadership experience has provided me with powerful opportunities to foster a culture of trust, collaboration, innovation, creativity and risk-taking.  I look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead.”

We are also very pleased to have Gail Ferguson who is currently the principal at Millgrove School in Spruce Grove join our admin team and lead us into the new school year.  Welcome Mrs. Ferguson!

Gail Ferguson“I have loved being an early years principal at Millgrove School and am so thankful to our students, parents and staff for all the wonderful learning we have experienced together. I now look forward to joining the Muir Lake School community to continue creating opportunities for success for all students.”