We Are Silent

On April 16 we had 26 students participate in our third annual We Are Silent Campaign. These students took a 24 hour vow of silence to show support for children around the world whose problems are not listened to. These students also raised funds that will be donated to Free the Children. This money will be used to buy 17 goats for needy families. This is a real gift and we are very proud of these students to show commitment to making our world a better place. Congratulations also to Mrs. Matsuba’s grade two class and Mrs. Montgomery’s grade one class who participated for one hour during the school day. Both classes also donated money to this cause. Well done, Muir Lake. Thanks also to all the families who supported these students.

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One thought on “We Are Silent

  1. I am so proud to be part of a school that teaches kids to think compassionately about the needs of people in other parts of the world ! As well, to show our kids there are solutions to help ie. buying the goats. Thanks Muir Lake.

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