Electronics Round Up!

We are doing our part for our environment – let’s do a little fundraising at the same time!

With the assistance of Parkland School Division #70 and Alberta Recycling, let’s “Roundup” those old electronics. There will be a bin at Muir Lake School form November 28th through to December 9th. Please check the poster to see what items you can drop off and keep these things out of our landfills.

Thank you for your continued support of Muir Lake Schoolelectronics-round-up

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2 thoughts on “Electronics Round Up!

  1. No – quite the opposite!! Muir Lake gets paid by the Recycling Program operators for each of the items that are brought in by you!! 🙂 So please bring in ALL of your electronics that are on the poster that need to be recycled! Thank you.

  2. How does this program work? Do we pay for the items to be recycled? If so will there be someone at the bin to pay or a box to put money in?

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