Costumes/Props – gr.4-6 Concert 2016

Yet another post.  🙂

Choir members – please come dressed in black pants/dress/pants.  We will be wearing our choir t-shirts.  I have most of these in the music room already.  One less thing to worry about.

Please notice the following needs by way of costumes or props for the grade 4-6 classes:



Props needed: If you have hockey sticks, jerseys, gloves, pads, or helmets, please label them and bring them to store in the music room. These will stay here until the Christmas concert.

Gavin, Alexis, Kyla, Nicholas – please bring a toque & mitts or a toque & scarf.


4 Maser

Nothing needed.



Come dressed in: Shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses (if you have them).



Nothing needed.



Props needed: Looking for a few Sombreros. Please send them labeled with your child’s name.


6 Gadoury

Props needed:  Hawaiian leighs.  Please attach a piece of tape to the leigh with your child’s name on it.

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