Final Report Cards Available Online

Your child’s report card is now accessible through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
Due to a technical glitch with our system the report card does NOT indicate the next grade that your child will be moving on to on the back page. Unless you have had the conversation with your teacher or the principal saying otherwise then your child will be moving on to the next grade in the fall.
For information on how to sign on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal click HERE.
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 Once you have logged in to your child’s account, click on the “Report Card” link on the left side.
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The next window will prompt you to “Generate” the report card which will take you to a PDF version of the report card which you can view or print.
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PLEASE NOTE:   If you are having trouble linking to the report card then check to see if you have a SPACE in your USERNAME. If you do then delete the space and try it again. Also, the report card CANNOT be viewed from the APP on a Mobile Device. This is because the APP does not allow you to LINK to outside programs like our Report Card or Fees systems. You will need to do this from a computer or by using your BROWSER on your mobile device.
If you are having problems signing on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal please contact the office at 780-963-3535 or by email to
Wishing you and your family a fabulous summer filled with laughter and sunshine.
See you September 4th  🙂