Fruit Cup/Yogurt Containers

These are not recyclable any more, but they are upcyclable! Please don’t throw them out. Instead send them into Mrs. Montgomery’s class. We need approximately 150 for a Dr. Suess project we are working on. We are also in need of cornstarch, so if you have an old stale box you want to get rid of we will gladly take that too! Thank you!

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Incubator Needed

The grade threes will soon be starting their next science unit “Animal Life Cycles” We would like to enhance this unit by hatching our own chicks. We already have someone who is willing to supply the eggs but we are looking to borrow an incubator in which to hatch them. If you have one that you could borrow us, it would be much appreciated! Please email or call 780-963-3535 if you can help us out. Thanks!

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Grade 3 Soundproofing Materials Needed

Image result for student science experiment soundproofing a cardboard box
The grade threes are working on a soundproofing experiment  and are looking for a variety of materials. If you have any of these materials to donate we would appreciate it very much. They can be dropped off in Mrs. Montgomery’s room. Thank you 🙂
Boxes (Large shoe box size)
Packing Material (Styrofoam chips, etc.)
Small, thin strips wood (would need to be able to line the box and still accommodate the speaker)
Egg cartons (cardboard and styrofoam)
Cotton balls

Volunteers Needed for Fri. Swim Date

The grade 1-3 will be going to the Tri-Leisure Centre for a morning of fun in the pool.  We are in need of parent volunteers to be in the water supervising from 8:45 to 10:45.  We are also looking for some dads, uncles, or grandpas to supervise in the boys change room.  If you, or other family members are able to volunteer, please email

Thank you.

Toilet Paper Tubes Needed

We are in need of approximately 600 toilet paper tubes for a craft we are making at school.  We would appreciate it if you could scrape off any remaining paper and send them in to school.  They can be dropped off in the box outside Mrs. Montgomery’s classroom.  Thank you!