We Care Bake Sale

Our “We Care Team” will be hosting a Bake Sale on Tuesday April 11th and Wednesday April 12th. This will take place outside the Library Learning Commons at lunch recess which is from 11:25 – 11:55 a.m. Monies collected will be part of our Global Awareness Leadership and will go to the Free The Children in support of our chosen pillar of Health this year.


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Winter Walk Day

Winter walk dayWhat is Winter Walk Day?

On the first Wednesday of February each year, thousands of Albertans take it outside to celebrate living in a beautiful winter province. Whether we’re grabbing our coffees and going for a office break walk, or going for an evening stroll through the neighbourhood with family, we all have the opportunity to get out and love our province!

More people walking is great for our health, the environment, and helps strengthen communities.

On February 4th, join over 160,000 Albertans for #WinterWalkDay! Grab a co-worker, a friend, or meet some neighbours, and remember to track your steps, as we show the rest of Canada that Alberta knows how to embrace winter!step-up

At Muir Lake School the students will be getting together in their “Family Groups” at 10:45 a.m. and will then head outside for their #WinterWalk, so please dress appropriately.

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“Leader in Me” Presentation – Board Of Trustees Meeting November 25, 2014

Parents Kids BM

We were privileged to bring students and parents from Muir Lake School to the November Board of Trustees Meeting – November 25, 2014 to do a presentation on “Leader In Me”.  Three schools in Parkland School Division shared how “Leader in Me” embraces the vision, mission, and Priorities of Parkland School Division.  Graminia School focused on Engaging our Community; Ecole Meridian Heights focused on Engaging Our Staff and Muir Lake School focused on Engaging Our Students.

Mrs. Matsuba spoke about “Leader in Me” and the culture it brings to the school.  She was very proud to introduce our students to the Board of Trustees & Senior Executive in Parkland School Division. Students from Muir Lake School spoke with confidence on how the “Leader in Me” is impacting their lives, their school, their community, and their world.

Hannah Carter

Hannah & Carter represented our WE CARE Team and talked about WE Day, Social Innovation Workshop and helping people in their community & around the globe. They also highlighted their fundraising efforts and social justice actions over the past two – three years evidencing their leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and ethical citizenship.

Cole V

Cole & Veronica spoke about our “Leader in Me” Assemblies and how they have had opportunities to MC and be involved. They also shared about our Leadership awards and how the “7 Habits” are helping them become better people.

4 girls

Jacey, Victoria, Gabi & McKenna shared how the “7 Habits” are impacting their daily lives.  It has taught them valuable life lessons, helps keep them balanced, is preparing them for their future, and has built a strong sense of community in our school.

The Board of Trustees, Superintendent Tim Monds & the Senior Executive Team of Parkland School Division were very pleased to have our students share today. Our students evidenced the beauty of Student Leadership & Citizenship through the “7 Habits”.

Students … Mrs. Matsuba, Mrs. Dickson and I are VERY PROUD of you!

THANK YOU for your leadership at Muir Lake School!

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Grade 1’s Lego-ing, Rainbow Looming & Board Gaming with Grade 9 Leaders!

The grade one students had their first opportunity to spend time in the Collaboration Center with the Grade 9’s leading activities for them to enjoy during lunch recess… and both the grade 1 and grade 9 students LOVED IT! It was busy and fantastic!





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Used Book Sale

On Friday, at lunch recess, we will continue with our used book sale.  The sale will be held in the library.  Books can be purchased with a donation or for 25 cents a book.  All proceeds will be donated to Hope for the Future charity.  $45 dollars will send one child in Tanzania to school for a year.  Hope to see you there!

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A Hiking We Will Go!

Our grade 7-9 students braved the wintry weather to get to the top of Jasper’s Sulphur Mountain.  A trek that was then rewarded by a nice dip in Miette Hotsprings!  The students were excellent leaders as they demonstrated what we believe here at Muir Lake School.  

  1. Excellence – The hike up past the “Big Rock” is difficult in good weather, however our students braved the conditions and made it anyway.  

  2. Respect & Integrity- As we headed back down the mountain, our students respected the environment and picked up stray pieces of garbage as well.  (garbage not left by us).  As well, each of the 3 busses were left in perfect condition upon rreturningto the school. The students were sure to thank the bus drivers and supervisors as well.  We are proud of the leadership shown by this group of students!

  3. Community – It wasn’t an easy hike up or down this year.  Students who were having a difficult time down the mountain were given assistance and encouragement from their peers.  As a result, all got down safely:).

    IMG_1947 - Copy (2) IMG_1948 - Copy (2) IMG_1950 - Copy (2) IMG_1954 IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1958
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First Leader in Me Assembly

We were VERY EXCITED to host our FIRST “Leader in Me” Assembly for this school year! It was a FANTASTIC way to end our first week together and officially welcome everyone to an exciting year at Muir Lake School!

photo MC

Student MCs – Parker & Hannah and our Student Tech Team kept the excitement and energy high throughout the assembly.

Several students shared their Class Mission Statements as a way to showcase leadership in our school.  Noah in 2 Matsuba talked about how their class will focus on …“being leaders by being nice, friendly and caring … we will do our best to use the 7 habits …”

Throughout the year, we will have the pleasure of hearing all class mission statements in our various assemblies, and we are very excited for this opportunity!

photo LIM)

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Leadership at its Finest!

Picnics, games, laughter and fun was had by all during our Family Group picnic at Muir Lake School! The students enjoyed eating in their mixed grade groupings and then took some time to play together. Our school community is close, and the leadership fostered by family groups is AMAZING! Muir Lake School is the place to be!





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Hunger Lunch

imageStudents at Muir Lake School were recently involved in a unique awareness and fundraising event. In keeping with the spirit of global citizenship, students recently had the opportunity to participate in a “hunger lunch”. This experience not only instilled a sense of empathy and compassion, but also provided the opportunity for them to come together as a school community to extend a hand to those in need!

Students were put into multi age groupings and then were involved in a number of activities to increase awareness of hunger issues around the world. Students then had the opportunity to purchase a $2.00 rice lunch. The bowl of rice was to provide students with a better understanding of how much or rather how little food some children are being forced to live on.

The rice lunches were generously donated to the school by Spruce Grove’s Edo Japan Restaurant. Edo Japan donated 200 rice lunches for our participating students. Because of their generous donation all $560.00 raised by the event will be donated to the Canadian based charity, Free the Children, and will be used to better the lives of children around the world. $400 dollars raised was to pay for the rice lunches. The other $160.00 was collected as extra donations from our families. Thank you to our wonderful families and to Edo Japan.

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