Congratulations To Our Grade 3 Fire Chief For A Day!

Congratulations to Avery! He was the lucky winner of the Fire Chief for the Day event sponsored by the Stony Plain Fire Hall to promote fire safety week.  He was picked up early in the morning and taken to the fire hall where he experienced life as a fire personnel including lunch at Dairy Queen!  What an exciting event to remember from grade three!

In Avery’s words…

My name is Avery and I was the Fire Chief for the day! It was really fun when I got to spray the fire hose. I also had a good time when I went on the ladder and it went up. I had a really good time when I rode in the fire truck and the fireman drove it. I got a CD and a plaque that says Avery Junior Fire Chief For A Day 2013.

Fire Chief For A Day!

Congratulations to Mrs Wagner’s grade 3 student Jordan – his name was selected from all of the rural school entries in Parkland County.  Jordan enjoyed a very busy day with the crew.  Thank you to all of the students who entered the draw.