Prevent Family Violence

November is Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta. This year’s provincial theme is Reach Out. Speak Out – Everyone has a Right to Be Safe.  Events and promotion for our area include:

  • Go Purple on November 20th to promote healthy relationships. Albertans across the province will be wearing purple in November to support this issue. Our community has selected November 20th to Go Purple. Share your photos with #GoPurpleAB on social media.
  • Healthy Relationships on Nov 20 called Real-ationships. – see info below
  • Stop by and spot the awareness campaign posted at the TLC!
  • Look for the infographic around our communities

As community partners we hope you will be able to support the above initiatives!

Cant wait to see all the purple on Nov 20th!


Get Your Library Card

Great news! Stony Plain Public Library, in partnership with Muir Lake School, is providing FREE public library cards to students. A library card is a great way to support your child’s literacy and learning and foster a love of reading. Here are four great reasons to sign your child up for a library card today:

  1. Stony Plain Public Library has books and databases to help with homework.
  2. Stony Plain Public Library offers tons of FREE programs for your child.
  3. Where else can you get FREE movie and music streaming, video games, DVDs, CDs, e-books, and digital magazines for the whole family?
  4. Save yourself a trip! Just send back the completed application form and we’ll do the rest.

Fill out THIS FORM to sign your child up for a free library card, or to inform the library of any change in your child’s membership information (phone number, address, email, etc). Note that the form must be signed by a parent or guardian. Please return the form to Muir Lake School when it is filled out. We will create the cards and deliver them straight to your child’s classroom.

If the rest of your family would like to register for free library cards, you can drop by the library at any time!


MLS has a Tinkerlab

What is Tinkering?

The Oxford Dictionaries says that to tinker is to “attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory (unfocused) way.”

The Free Dictionary says that a tinkerer is “one who enjoys experimenting with and repairing machine parts.”

The TinkerLab  is a place where children are encouraged to follow their curiosities, test how materials work, experiment, and ultimately combine materials and ideas together in new, inventive ways.

Every Tinkerlab is unique and the projects that are worked on inside of them are also very diverse.  Below are just a few samples of the things that you can do in the lab:

  • Electronics: LED Hula hoop
  • Robot building / Robotics
  • Snap circuits where you can create exciting projects, such as FM radios, digital voice recorders, AM radios, burglar alarms, and doorbells.
  • Take-a-part sessions
  • Coding
  • Rube Goldberg machines

We are creating our Tinkerlab from donated recycled materials and  inexpensive supplies which can be found anywhere.

Please help support our Tinkerlab by donating any supplies. Click this link to see a sample listing of typical Tinkerlab materials.

Book Fair Volunteers Needed!

Still looking for volunteers to help out with the Book Fair – please fill out this form and return it to the school office if you can help in any way!

Thank you!

. . . Explore An Ocean of BooksUnder The Sea

We will be setting up in the morning of Monday March 23rd and the Book Fair will run until 12:30 p.m. on Thursday March 26th at which time we will take down the displays.

Many of you have faithfully volunteered for this event and we have appreciated you so very much.  We need volunteers to help once again.  If you can help students choose books, handle the cash desk, or supervise during class visits, please let us know. Anything you choose to do would be appreciated.

For more info or if you are able to help, please complete this form and return it to your child’s classroom teacher as soon as possible.  Without your support we would not be able to have this event – we require 12-15 people to run for the three days.

We look forward to working with you to make our book fair an exciting reading event for everyone