Social Media Awareness and Mental Health Parent Information Night

Social Media Awareness and Mental Health Parent Information Night – September 28th

On September 26th we will be welcoming Wade Sorochan to Muir Lake School where he will be presenting to our grade 6-9 students about the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between the real and digital worlds. Wade will share his story with students and will discuss some strategies that can be used to help address some of the negative feeling that people sometimes experience as a result of their time online. We have partnered with High Park School, Greystone Centennial Middle School, Woodhaven and Stony Plain Central to make these sessions available to our students and are hopeful that they have a positive impact on them. One of the things that is also clear in looking at research around resiliency and supporting students is the importance of having a strong connection with the adults in their lives. As a result, in addition to the student session that will be delivered on the 26th at Muir Lake, High Park School will also be hosting a parent information session on the evening of September 28th from 6:30-8:00 at Stony Plain Central School. To get an idea of numbers we are asking that parents register in order to confirm attendance and ensure that we have enough space. There will be no charge for this event. To learn more about Wade and the message he shares with students please visit his website at
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