November School Council Meeting

Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to snow us out last night we had a great school council meeting. Among other things, we discussed Muir Lake Foundation report, Community League activities, fundraising, Board highlights, and our Muir Lake School AERR Report and Education Plan. Mrs. Matsuba also attended and gave a report on our student WE Day experience, as well as some of the future plans our students who are on the WE Care team have to make our school and world a better place. Thanks to all who braved the snow to be there.

We invite you to attend the next School Council meeting on December 9. There will be opportunity for some socializing over Christmas baking and coffee. Mrs. Paulson, the School Council Chairperson, will also be having a draw for a door prize for those in attendance. After the meeting we are hosting a parent workshop called Twitter for Parents: Engaged In Education for those who are interested in learning to tweet, as well as how and why social media is utilized in education. Feel free to bring some delicious Christmas baking and hope to see you there!

School Council Admin Report 

We Day Video

Discussion Corner … School Council & Parent Workshop Recap: February 11, 2013

School Council Meeting

It was GREAT to see some new faces at last night’s School Council Meeting!  Parents … you are always welcome at School Council.

The Muir Lake Community School Foundation is delighted to have some new people join their executive. Thank you Paige Reiten, Theresa Sokulski and Fiona Majeau for your willingness to serve in this capacity!

Thank you to Felicia Ochs, Parkland’s Youth Resiliency Coordinator, for stopping by to give us a glimpse of the “Healthy Initiatives” in Parkland School Division.  Thank you to Muir Lake’s Health Champions: Lynn Wagner and Cameron Leavens.  Our focus at Muir Lake School is to increase physical activity at recess and to promote healthy eating. Thanks to our Hot Lunch ladies for your role in ensuring that our students are getting milk, fresh fruit and veggies!

Below is our Admin Presentation that was presented at School Council.  We encourage you to check it out if you missed it.

Parent Workshop: Hands On With Google Drive

Thank you to the parents who were able to join us for the Parent Workshop following our School Council Meeting.  It was a “hands on” learning opportunity which was fun and relevant.

As I reflect on our time together, I wanted to say how much I appreciated the conversations and dialogue around technology and how it is impacting the learning of our students.

Utilizing technology is definitely transforming the way in which our students are being educated. It’s a “paradigm shift” for all of us who did not grow up immersed in technology.  Our teachers are now “facilitators” and guides of students’ learning … rather than only being an expert deliverer of information. It’s a challenging shift, but a necessary one as we, parents and teachers, continue to strive to provide the best possible learning for our students and open the doors for every opportunity in their present and future.  It’s exciting to have teachers, support staff, students and parents learning together on this technology journey!

We encourage you to make comments on this post … and share your thoughts and insight on the role of technology in students’ learning.  If you were are at the Parent Workshop, please feel free to share your “take away” from the excellent conversations we had last night.

Below is the outline of our Parent Workshop.  Feel free to check it out and try and some of the activities.

Click the link to view the Parent Workshop: Hands On With Google Drive outline in Google Docs.  Continue reading