Spring and Kindergarten Grad Photos

lifetouchLifetouch Canada will be at Muir Lake School on Tuesday April 26th and Wednesday April 27th to do Spring & Sibling Photos. Kindergarten students will have their Grad Photos taken at the same time.  Up to three siblings can have their photo taken together in these photos. Feel free to contact the school if you have any questions.

Spring Photos

Lifetouch School Photographers will be in to the school again – this time for Spring Photos, Sibling Photos (up to 3 people in the photo), and the Kindergarten Grad Photos.  They will be here on Monday April 8th to take the students’ photos that would like to have them done, to do Sibling Photos, as well as the Monday/Wednesday Kindergarten class and then again on Tuesday April 9th to do the Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten class as well as anyone that was NOT here on Monday. Check out the new digital backgrounds and order your photos “ONLINE”.  Watch for an info sheet that will be going home with your child.