WOW … Inspired by the TV show, “Iron Chef “, Mrs. L’Hirondelle and the Food Studies class participated in their own version of the Iron Chef competition.  Students were challenged to create a “hot” and “cold” drink with “secret” ingredients and under time restraints.

What an AMAZING opportunity to be one of the judges for IRON CHEF @ Muir Lake School ! Entries were judged on aesthetics, taste, safety and sanitation.

Teams of students were engaged, on task, working together and having FUN !  It was a ‘WIN WIN’ learning opportunity !

I absolutely LOVED it !

Thank you Mrs. L’Hirondelle and Foods Studies students.

Enjoy the pictures and video …

You Are Invited to the 1-To-1 Technology Parent Information Session!!!

We are excited to explore the possibility of piloting a 1-to-1 Technology Learning Initiative in the 2012/2013 school year. This initiative is to have our students learning with access to their own electronic device (chromebook, laptop, etc.) both in the classroom and at home. This 1-to-1 pilot would begin with our grade 9’s and one grade 4 class. Research indicates and we believe that creating a 1-to-1 learning environment will:

  • increase student engagement and motivation
  • improve academic achievement
  • foster creativity and innovation
  • increase collaboration and communication among students, staff, and parents
  • improve digital literacy skills that will equip students for the future

In preparation for this initiative, we are taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach that includes research, input and feedback, plan development, preparation, implementation and evaluation. Continue reading