The Little Extra Goes A Long Way

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” 
― Jimmy Johnson 

I walked into the school this morning and was blown away with the makeover our early years hallway had received. I knew today was fairy tale day but was still not prepared, nor expecting to see such a transformation. It was like walking into a castle. After wandering around checking out all of the decorations and costumes, visiting the classrooms and seeing the excitement in our students, I came back to my office and started thinking (after getting a coffee of course). It truly is all of the extra that makes our school an extraordinary place. And sometimes I think it is important to recognize that and say thank-you.

Thank-you to the teachers and parents who were here until 9:30 pm last night decorating for Fairy Tale Day after student led conferences. Thank-you to the students, staff and volunteers for dressing up, all the planning and work that went into making today an amazing day for our students.

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The Library at Muir Lake School was a HUB of activity this week.  It was fantastic to have parents come and visit our Scholastic Book Fair with their children. Your purchases contribute to building literacy skills in your children and increasing resources in our library. Thank  you!

Special thanks to the following moms who organized, set up, and served our students and staff at our Book Fair:  Josie Person, Nicole Simcoe, Teresa Sokalski, Debbie Stachniak, Dana Page, Shannon Rudko, Tracey Kalmback and Nadele Erickson. Thank you for your investment in promoting literacy in the lives of our students – we appreciate your time and commitment!