Winter Walk Day

Winter walk dayWhat is Winter Walk Day?

On the first Wednesday of February each year, thousands of Albertans take it outside to celebrate living in a beautiful winter province. Whether we’re grabbing our coffees and going for a office break walk, or going for an evening stroll through the neighbourhood with family, we all have the opportunity to get out and love our province!

More people walking is great for our health, the environment, and helps strengthen communities.

On February 4th, join over 160,000 Albertans for #WinterWalkDay! Grab a co-worker, a friend, or meet some neighbours, and remember to track your steps, as we show the rest of Canada that Alberta knows how to embrace winter!step-up

At Muir Lake School the students will be getting together in their “Family Groups” at 10:45 a.m. and will then head outside for their #WinterWalk, so please dress appropriately.